2 thoughts on “Cuddawa, Shabbos and The Smile

  1. Great, Beth! Yeah, what wild and wooley holy time!
    Yes, Shabbos is a gift, a wonderfully subversive and radical way of being in our culture, which teaches us to work, but not rest from our (often noble) endeavors. The “Sabbath” (ceasing from labor) is more than refraining from labor, more than prohibition from activity. After the stupendously breathtaking work of creation, the universe still lacked what is known in Hebrew as “menuha.” “Came the Sabbath, came menuha, and the universe was complete…What was created on the seventh day? Tranquility, serenity, peace and repose.” Shabbos, “Spirit in the form of time,” allows us to partake of the blessedness we are, no matter what. On Shabbos, we “care for the seed of eternity implanted in our souls.” This saves me, bit by bit, from slavery to endless grasping and offers deep peace, deep joy. On Shabbos, we say, “Spread your canopy of Peace over us…over all creation.” May it be so! (Quotes from Rabbi Heschel’s book “The Sabbath.”)
    With all my love and a deeeeep bow of gratitude! krayna

    • I love the idea of being saved from slavery, bit by bit…thank you for teaching me/us about this important part of becoming fully human! Love–

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